The recruitment process to the CUT Doctoral School will take place in three stages (following the time schedule of the recruitment process):
I stage - electronic registration:;
II stage - submission of the required documents in the paper form;
III stage - qualification based on merit (examination, candidates’ interviews) in compliance with the CUT Doctoral School Recruitment Regulations, Art. 2 (5).


Time limit for electronic registration* 22nd August - 2nd September 2022, by 10:00
Option to obtain confirmation of proficiency in English (examination) to be agreed: 31st August - 1st September
Notification of admittance to the recruitment procedure by 9th September 2022 in the electronic registration system

Submission of documents in the paper form and conducting the procedure of recruitment based on merit (all disciplines)

12th September 2022 - examination
13th September 2022 - candidates’ interviews
Detailed information on the time and place for individual disciplines will be provided by 9th September at the CUT Doctoral School website as well as in the electronic registration system
Publication of the list of candidates admitted to the CUT DS alongside the ranking list 16th September 2022
Mode of providing information to all parties interested in the recruitment results: Information will be made available in the electronic recruitment system;
Submission of declarations confirming undertaking education at the CUT DS 19th - 22nd September 2022
Sending out decisions refusing admission to the CUT DS from 26th September 2022


*Electronic registration and initial verification of the documents submitted by candidates who have obtained their 2nd cycle university qualifications outside Poland is scheduled to take place between 4th March and 31st May 2022.


The University reserves the right to change the time schedule in extraordinary situations within the territory of Poland affecting the functioning of Cracow University of Technology.