Tadeusz Kościuszko Cracow University of Technology


assistant in the group of research and didactic employees

at Faculty of Civil Engineering


Type of employment: full-time
Number of positions available: 1
Type of employment contract: fixed-term for 12 months


DISCIPLINE Civil Engineering and Transport

POSTED October 11, 2021

EXPIRES November 10, 2021

KEY WORDS: railway transport, railway infrastructure

DESCRIPTION (field, expectations, comments, additional requirements):



1. Necessary requirements:

  • predispositions to research and teaching;
  • graduation in higher technical studies in the field of “civil engineering and transport” or “transport” with specialisation in “transport”;
  • the MSC title at least;
  • proficiency in the English language, particularly in technical subject;
  • Cracow University of Technology indication as the primary workplace.

2. Additional requirements:

  • research interests in civil engineering and railway transport;
  • proficiency in the Polish language in speech and writing;
  • organizational skills and the ability to work in a team.

3. Scope of tasks performed in the position:

  • research in the field of civil engineering and railway transport (with the obligation of publishing activity);
  • conducting laboratories, auditorium exercises and project classes in the subjects commissioned to the L-5 Department;
  • participation in research and organizational work conducted at the L-5 Department;
  • improving professional qualifications, in order to obtain further academic degrees.

4. Required documents:

  • an application to the Rector of the Cracow University of Technology for employment as an assistant in a group of research-teaching staff;
  • detailed CV (taking into account the previous employments if applicable);
  • personal questionnaire (to be downloaded from the CUT website);
  • photocopies of documents confirming requirements (including education);
  • confirmation of pedagogical entitlements or declaration to supplement an appropriate training during the first year of employment;
  • for people previously employed in higher education (outside the CUT), the last two periodic evaluations of achievements;
  • confirmation of a foreign language knowledge (in the case of foreigners, additional confirmation of the Polish language knowledge).

Employment will take place after the contest is adjudicated, with procedure as follows:

  • analysis of submitted documentation;
  • conducting interviews (face-to-face or remotely).

Detailed information on the conditions of recruitment can be found on the website