Personal questionnaire - a printout from the electronic registration system - to be submitted with the following attachments:

  1. Curriculum Vitae;
  2. a copy of the diploma of the second-cycle study programme or uniform Master’s degree programme completion; this year’s candidates who do not possess a certified copy of their diploma are to submit a certificate of the passed diploma examination. Candidates who have completed their study programmes outside Poland are to submit a diploma entitling them to apply for being awarded the doctor’s degree in the country where it has been issued, alongside a confirmation of its legality, pursuant to the provisions of Art. 1(11);
  3. a copy of the diploma supplement or a copy of the academic transcript of the completed second-cycle study programme or the uniform Master’s degree programme – certified to be a true copy of the original document. Laureates of the Diamond Grant or the “Pearls of Science” programme who do not have the qualification of the second-cycle study programme are to submit a copy of the firstcycle study programme diploma supplement;
  4. a certification of proficiency in English at the level no less than B2 in the form of
    • a copy of the certificate;
    • a copy of the documents listed in points 2) or 3) for candidates who commenced their studies in 2013 or later, or if the required level of proficiency in English has been specified in the afore-mentioned document.
    • a document certifying that English is the candidate’s native tongue or it was the language of instruction in their previous study programme;
  5. a concept of the individual research plan agreed upon with the prospective supervisor featured on the list of supervisors of a given discipline (docx, pdf);
  6. a written recommendation of the candidate issued by their prospective supervisor containing the following (docx, pdf):
    • a statement of reasons justifying the soundness of the decision to admit the doctoral candidate to the CUT Doctoral School;
    • declaration of securing adequate conditions for scientific work and research (information on financial resources); Page 3 of 11
    • declaration of securing scientific supervision over the doctoral candidate and approval of the suggested research area and the concept of the individual research plan;
    • approval of the above information by the head of the scientific council for the discipline and the head of the organizational unit employing the prospective supervisor;
  7. documented hitherto achieved academic accomplishments (publications, papers delivered at international and national conferences, other academic papers);
  8. a certificate issued by a physician – a specialist in occupational medicine is to be submitted within 30 days of the date of receiving the referral. Referrals for medical examination are issued by the CUT Doctoral School Office on the day when the commencement of education at the CUT Doctoral School is confirmed. Failure to submit the doctor’s certificate within the specified time limit may result in being refused participation in classes.
  9. certification of a completed professional internship, at least 6 months long, on a mandatory form (refers only to candidates to the CUT Doctoral School in the discipline of architecture and urban sciences). Candidates who have the builder’s licence in the architectural specialisation are not required to submit the certification, but they need to submit a copy of their licence. (docx, pdf)
  10. confirmation of the recruitment fee payment (200 PLN) in compliance with the Rector’s Regulation no. 10 of the 9th February 2023;


Additional documents in the recruitment process  for foreign nationals who have obtained their second-cycle study programme qualification outside Poland:

  1. a certification that the diploma entitles the candidate to pursue education at a doctoral school in the country where it has been issued – the document may be issued by the university the candidate graduated from or by the Ministry of Education of the country where the diploma has been issued;
  2. legal verification on the diploma and supplement – legal verification is a confirmation that the signatures and stamps featured on the documents are legal. Legal verification is issued by the Polish embassy or consulate in the country where the diploma has been issued; 


Once you find your name of the list of students admitted to the CUT DS, you need to submit a declaration to the CUT DS Office (docx, pdf).