Health care

Medical care in Poland is not free of charge. Non-EU students are recommended to buy standard medical insurance in Poland (10 EUR / month). Free medical service is available for citizens of EU countries. More information on


Non-EU students wishing to study in Poland should apply for an entry visa. All students should legalize their stay exceeding 3 months by obtaining temporary residence permit after their arrival to Poland. More information on


Currency: zloty, PLN
1 US dollar ($)     =     ca 3.3 PLN
1 Euro (€)     =     ca 4.4 PLN

Credit cards are widely accepted.

Check out current rates at


You can walk in the centre, take a bus or a tram. You must take a bus or a tram to get to the suburbs. Students with valid ID (legitymacja studencka) enjoy 49% discount on travel by local buses and trams. Rental cars or taxis are easily available and rather inexpensive