Dear Doctoral Students,

27 and 28 February will be the first online practical workshops for students interested in doctoral school education, graduates and doctoral students -"Let's plan the research, so how to prepare the IRP"

Discussion and opportunity to ask questions are provided during the workshop.

The workshop will be conducted by Prof. Jaroslaw Korpysa, Director of the Doctoral School at the University of Szczecin.

Workshop in English will be held on February 28 at 18:00.

Limit of participants - 100

Registration form for the workshop in English:

From August 23 to September 4, electronic registration for the CUT Doctoral School for the academic year 2023/24 begins.

A detailed recruitment schedule can be found on the website.


Link to the electronic registration system:

On the mode of action and procedure for completing education at the Doctoral School of the Cracow University of Technology.


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We cordially invite all researchers of doctoral students, interested persons, to participate in person or in interactive communication at the scientific conference entitled: Workshop on Classical and Quantum Technologies.

Details about the conference on the poster, and the agenda is available at the link.



Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 823 0458 7860

Passcode: wv8UEx

The recruitment process to the CUT Doctoral School for candidates, who have obtained their second-cycle study programme qualification outside Poland.


7th March – 31st May 2023

Update (Nov 3, 2022): timetable for foreigners (classes in English) academy year 2022/23 sem. 1.